Rose Quartz Pyramid



Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  It is a very important stone for the heart and heart chakra, it teaches the true essence of love. It purifies and opens the heart, brings deep inner healing and self-love, it calms and reassures, excellent in the use for trauma or crisis, it can attract love, it restores trust and harmony in existing relationships, it restores trust and encourages unconditional love, draws off negative energy replacing it with loving vibes, strengthens empathy, releases unexpressed emotions and heartache, comforts you in grief if you have lost in love, encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, invokes self-trust and self-worth, and it aids in chest and lung problems.

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The pyramid of love and the heart. These beautiful pyramids not only draw out grief but can enhance self-love, self-trust and self-worth. They can have a powerful effect in restoring trust and harmony in your relationship. Place them in your bedroom to harmonize and build your love life. Use them to unblock your heart chakra and bring loving energy in all areas of your life.

Size, Shape and Color varies.

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