Blue Apatite Tumbled Stones for Spiritual Guidance


Blue Apatite Tumbled Stones, sold in sets of 3.  Get yours today and get help with spiritual guidance.

Sizes, Shapes and Colors vary.

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Apatite is a stone of manifestation, helps develop psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, aids communication and self-expression, increases motivation, builds up energy reserves, draws off negativity about oneself and others, helps with hyperactivity and autism, stimulates creativity, clears confusion, expands knowledge, eases sorrow and apathy, reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion, heals bones, aids in absorption of calcium, suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate, encourages healthy eating, overcomes hypertension.

Blue Apatite: Connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance, facilitates public speaking, opens the throat chakra, heals the heart and emotional disease.

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