Gem Cleansing and Care

All Gems and Minerals need to be cleansed, this is a very important step when using Gems for Spirituality and Healing.  Just like people and all living things Gems absorb energy that they come into contact with.  When we wear the gems or use them for healing they are absorbing all that energy and it starts to diminish their strength and vibration.  They need to be cleansed so they can continue to work for us.  Any of these listed below will get them cleansed and ready to use again.


You can smudge your Gems with sage. All you have to do is pass the Gem through the smoke, do this for a few minutes to get it completely clean.

Moonlight or Sunlight

You can place your Gems and Minerals directly under the moon or sun.  The rays will re-energize the stones and cleanse the energy they hold.  I prefer the moon but the sun works just as well.  Keep in mind if you decide to use the sun some Gems will fade under the sunlight.  Amethyst and Citrine are two examples of Gems that will fade.  So be careful and if you are unsure about the Gem choose another method.

Sea Salt

Sea salt can cleanse Gems as well.  I use a small bowl with sea salt and just place the Gems on top.  You can also use sea salt water to soak the Gems in but with this method you need to be sure the Gem is safe in water (Selenite being one you don’t want to put in water) , and again if you are unsure choose another method.

Citrine and Carnelian

These two stones have the ability to cleanse other Gems.  Just place one of the two in a bag or bowl with other stones and they will cleanse them for you.