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Cleansing your energy

We all need to cleanse our own energy from time to time.  The more you cleanse your energy the better you will feel.  It will also help the energy you send out to be more positive.   Day to day life tends to bog us down with negative energy, from stress, work, other people, negative environments, being exhausted, etc.

Just yesterday I was overwhelmed with negative energy.   I was stressed and had a ton of things I needed to get done.  I noticed that every little thing at that point was just irritating me and bringing me down.  Yep it was time to do a little energy cleansing!!  So I want to share with you guys how to cleanse your own energy.

I personally like to use stones to help me cleanse as well as Sage.  If you don’t like the smell of sage you can also use sweet grass.  The best stones for cleansing energy are Bloodstone, Calcite and Tourmaline.  I also like to have very peaceful music playing in the background.  You can cleanse without using stones, but stones have powerful energy that can give you a more complete cleansing.

Find a quiet place where you wont be interrupted.  Now get comfortable, you can sit or lay down, whatever you do make sure you are comfortable.  If you are using stones to help the cleansing you can either place them around you or you can hold them in your hand.  Its good to start with a positive thankful attitude.  So I like to speak out loud what I am thankful for in my life, this very simple step raises your vibrations.  Start out by burning sage or sweet grass, let the smoke surround you. Its also good at this point to ground yourself.  A piece of hematite in your hand works well and there is also some grounding exercises that I will share soon that can help ground you too.  Next you need to clear the mental clutter out of your mind.  Just a small short meditation will do.  If you have trouble with meditation try you best to clear out as much from you mind as you can, especially all that negative stuff.  Control your breathing, slow deep breaths.  Feel the negative energy leaving your body with each exhale and the positive energy entering with each inhale.  Do this until you feel that all that negative energy has left your body.

Remember that your stones will need to be cleaned after you use them.  They also will hold that negative energy that they have pulled from you, so you have to make sure they also get cleansed.  You can either place them with Citrine, Citrine cleans other stones, or you can put them in sea salt.  I will be blogging about other ways to cleanse your stones later, so keep your eyes out for that blog.

3 thoughts on “Cleansing your energy

  1. Love this Tabitha, thanks so much for the invite, and all the amazing information, and much inspiration… 💖

  2. Perfect timing! I’m doing this tonight. Thanks Tabitha!

  3. I also believe in using water for cleansing your soul and body. First off John the Baptist washed Jesus’s body and soul by blessing the water then dunking his head and body underwater washed away Jesus’s body and soul of any unclean thoughts or to give his soul to his father, however people want to look at it. So before washing my hands before a prayer, I bless the water then wash my hands 3 times each time also blessing the water too. The same thing taking a shower it’s amazing the feeling I get from just a water cleansing! Now soon will be buying the stones that I don’t have and start using again like I used too! Thank You Tabitha!

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